Below are some excerpts from emails sent to us from our customers.

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"... the reaction that your work received not only from me, my girlfriend, our family, and friends but from complete strangers at the restaurant and the employees there, you all DESERVE to know that the work you put in doing the craft that God has given you all doesn't go unnoticed and that it gives joy to those who witness your work and place smiles on their faces! Whenever there are days where you all feel tired, just remember that what you do gives joy to those like us who appreciate the end results of your job. From my girlfriend, myself, and our family...THANK YOU SO MUCH for playing a huge part in making her birthday a memorable one that we won't ever forget! This will definitely NOT be my only order from you all!!!"

"...Most beautiful and delicious cakes EVER! Thank you so much for helping to make Taylor's rehearsal and wedding so memorable!"

"...We thank you immensely for providing exemplary service from our initial visit of planning and designing to the finish product. The cakes were not only gorgeous but delicious beyond measure. A special thanks to your daughter for the special delivery of the grooms cake. Warren loved it and so did everyone. It was scrupulously delicious. Everyone raved over our wedding cake so much that we did not get eat any of it other than the photo tasting."

"...Just wanted to let you know that Kent absolutely loved his cotton boll birthday cake and so did everyone else! It was the focal point of the party... completing the theme "Make Farming Great Again!" A lot of his "cotton friends" from SC and out of state were able to come so they especially loved it...many pictures were taken & many extra tastings went home with our guests...a nice gesture for them making the long trip to get here. Your team is amazing and everyone so courteous and talented. Keep up the good work and will definitely give you a call when we have the next big event....who knows a "baby shower"? Teehee....we will see.... Y'all ROCK!"

"...The cocky cake you made for our July 15 rehearsal dinner was absolutely delicious!!! The presentation was a big hit, and everyone commented on how good it was. I won't tell the bride and groom this, but I thought it was better than the wedding cake.

"...Hello Mrs Bonnie, I just wanted to let you know that the cake was absolutely beautiful and very very good. You did a phenomenal job, I'm very thankful that I chose you to help make my wedding day special!! Thank you so much!!"

"...The wedding cake was just fabulous! It was beautiful and sooooo delicious! Several people came up to me to let me know how much they enjoyed it. It was the best wedding cake by far that I've ever had."

"...That cake was really, really good. I mean like, it was the best red velvet cake I've ever had, and my husband thought so, too. Everyone absolutely LOVED it -- literally it was the STAR of the entire party!!!! And TRUE FACT: Someone actually thought it was a real cooler and went to put a bottle of something else into it when he realized it was a cake, or at least, not a real cooler. LOL. Everyone was asking who made it. Some even wanted to know if you did wedding cakes, to which I replied, "of course she does and they are beautiful". The response was truly amazing!!! "

"...We were over-the-top pleased with everything about the wedding, especially the cake and flowers! We have heard so many positive comments about the wedding, and many of them were specifically complimentary of the delicious, beautiful cake. Thank you for taking a personal interest in Morgan and Will and for working so well with Lexington Florist. I have donated the remainder of the kitchen cakes to Lexington Senior Center, where my mom attends, for their "Senior Prom" on May 13, 2016. They have it wrapped appropriately and tucked away in their commercial freezer, awaiting it's debut! It is always nice to make a new friend along the path of life! Thank you for everything.""...Thank you so much again for the cake. He loves it, so much that he still won't cut it. It's just sitting on our dining room table. How long will it last before we have no choice but to cut it?"

"...Bonnie, thank you so very much for the beautiful cake for Jeremy's birthday! He was so surprised and loved it! Everyone at the party was amazed too! No one thought that it could possibly be a cake and that it was some awesome party decoration instead. Everyone was so amazed at the awesome work you and your staff do and how good it tasted. I was sure to let them know who's work it was! My mother-in-law even said, "Bonnie strikes again!!" Thank you (and your staff) for helping to create such amazing memories for years to come. And thanks for the tasty cake pop and the little tour of your studio; I am still in awe of the work y'all do and all of the talent you and your staff have. Just amazing! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!"

"...I cannot express into words how amazing my grooms cake was and especially my gorgeous wedding cake! When I walked into the reception, it literally took my breath away! The cake was everything I hoped it would be and more! Bonnie, your work is truly amazing! People have been talking about your cakes all weekend! Thanks again for making everything truly amazing!"

"...A great big THANK YOU for yesterday. I can’t tell you how much Hannah and I both enjoyed our cake tasting/consult session, and she is just thrilled with the design. The cake tasting and design far exceeded her already high hopes and expectations!! If I were one to believe in fairies and magic, I would believe that fairies lived in your garden, sprinkling magic along the walkway from the drive to your shop. It was peaceful and magical, and time stood still. Exactly how it should be for planning the celebration of this beautiful event which, for us, represents a link in an ancient chain of tradition that stretches back more than 5,000 years."

"...I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated all the hard work you and your team put into helping make Ridge's first birthday special. Everyone loved the Elmo cake and it was delicious to boot! The mini red velvet cupcakes were a hit too! I will definitely be calling you to do our wedding cake, you are a very sweet and talented person."

"...The cakes are/were amazing! The white traditional cake was yummy and beautiful!!!! The cat and books were a piece of art and everyone loved it, especially the groom! Thanks so much!"

"...Everything was lovely. You're the best to ever bake."

"...Everyone loved how the cake looked, but when they tasted it........WOW!! Whatever you do, don't stop baking ,you have a special calling!!"

"...everyone raved! I posted picture on my FB page and gave out your info. Chef Jon Fortes ( acclaimed award winning chef from Charlotte who opened 2 restaurants in SC) ate a piece & took your card that was in the box. It is a wonderful thing to see someone excel in their profession and give the glory to God. My daughter who loves baking was astounded at the delicious taste. Pretty cakes ain't always tasty as we know. Thank you again for helping make the day extraordinary for my daughter! Blessings to you & your team."

"...Just wanted you to know the cake was the attention of the dinner rehearsal. Everyone loved it especially Nick. thank you and your staff for putting a big smile on my son's face when he saw it. I can’t remember the young lady's name who worked on it but please give her a big thank you from myself and my son - a job well done. I look forward in the future for special occasions to use you. Again a big thank you to you and your staff."

"...THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH for making our daughter THE VERY BEST WEDDING CAKE EVER!! It was just perfect!!!!"

 "...Thank you so much Bonnie! The cake got rave reviews...he absolutely loved it!!! He was speechless when it was brought out to him!  The look and the taste of the cake was amazing! Thank you again sooo much...I will definitely keep you in mind for upcoming events!"

"...Thank you for making such an incredible birthday cake for Katie, not only was it beautiful but delicious as well! Her birthday was especially wonderful because of you."

"...It was out of this world GORGEOUS!!! Thank you SO much! I forgot to tell you - the boys liked the cake so much that they brought a few BIG pieces home. (Plus they were sure to get the top for Jessica to save.) Jessica and Matt stopped by the house yesterday before leaving for their honeymoon and we pulled out the cake. The whole family was hovering over those pieces of cake in the kitchen all with forks in hand! It was so cute because Jessica said, 'Oh my gosh - did y'all taste that raspberry filling????' Then all forks went after the filling! Then she said, 'And I am not even a big cake lover, but can you believe how good the CAKE is?!?!' Then my husband said, 'And I usually only like chocolate, but this cake is phenomenal!' So, that was a fun time in the kitchen with your cake! Thank you again!"

"...To say that the cake was a big hit is an understatement! It was fantastic! The only thing that outshone it was my mom. She was so surprised and didn't expect anything. Once she got over the initial shock of the magnitude of her party (all children and families except for my daughter who lives in Hawaii, her brother and family, and nieces and nephews from as far away as California), she was absolutely "Queen for the weekend." I can't thank you enough. The cake was the centerpiece of the party and talked about the entire weekend! There was a debate over whether it should be preserved or served. Of course, served won and it was delicious --- so moist and such great flavor."

"...You and your team are absolutely amazing! Everyone, especially the birthday boy, we're so in love with how the cake turned out. To have the cake taste as awesome as it looked was the highlight of the occasion. So, thank you I definitely recommend you to others as well as look forward to working with you again in the near future."

"...Thank you for the amazing cake!  Not only was it awesome to look at, but awesome tasting!"

"...It was an absolute pleasure to work with you in creating our groom's and wedding cakes. The cakes were beautiful and delicious! I've had several people tell me how much they enjoyed both cakes. Thank you and your team for all of your hard work, especially in such a busy time as the holidays. Merry Christmas and happy new year!​"

"...Thank you so so much for making Jason's night with his groom's cake! Everyone LOVED it! You would have thought a celebrity was in the room with all the pictures being taken of it!​"

"...The cake was absolutely amazing and it received so many compliments ( for taste and esthetics) my only regret is not getting you to do our wedding cake! I can't thank you enough"

"...Thank you SO much for everything! The cake was absolutely beautiful and everyone was raving about how great it was to have cake at a wedding that was equally delicious and beautiful! : )"

"...YOU ARE MY HERO!!! What an unbelievable cake – the talk of the party!!! Delish, too!!!! Thank you so much for making it PERFECTION CONFECTION!!"

"...The cake was beyond amazing. It was all anyone could talk about. Joseph and Wizzy LOVED it.Thank you for being so easy to work with and for for doing such fabulous work!"

"...It was almost too cute to cut but oh boy was it delicious when we did. I've had other fondant cakes before that were pretty to look at but horrible to eat. Your cake was both delectable and artwork!"

"...The cake was a hit, as I knew it would be; and so good, they ate almost all of it. Kelley thought about freezing the top for his first birthday, but her husband wanted to eat it. Not sure who won that one. You are so talented. Thanks for a great job."

"...You were amazing, Bonnie! You were amazing to work with, and the artistic talent is gorgeous! The cake was beautiful, and the taste was excellent. We will definitely keep you in mind for future special events. My husband and I have talked about renewing our vows, and we can't think of a more appropriate dessert for the event than one of your cakes! It won't be until next spring, so I will definitely keep you in mind. Thank you so much! The cake was a huge hit. My father-in-law didn't want to cut in to it, he thought it so beautiful! Both my in-laws were amazed to discover that everything on the cake was edible. I will definitely recommend you to everyone who has their own special event coming up."

"... The cake was absolutely delicious and BEAUTIFUL!!! I was beyond pleased with it. We only got one tiny bite at our wedding, and most of it was gone by the end of the night. Our guests sure did love it. Thank you so much!"

"... Thank you so much Mrs. Bonnie. The cake was beautiful and the small piece I tasted during the cake cutting ceremony was delicious as well. Your great customer service and bubbly attitude was very refreshing. I will definitely recommend you and use you in the future."

"... Everyone loved the design and thought the cake was delicious. It truly is amazing how something so pretty can also taste so good!"

"... Judge Allen is still talking about it this morning. He LOVED it and was so taken back, there were tears in his eyes. He asked just this morning who baked it and where you were located. Everyone who came to the reception commented on the cake... even the deputies were telling the guest to make sure to look at the cake. If I had 100 of your business cards I would have still needed more. You were an absolute success here in the Judicial Center!!!! I also told everyone how sweet you are too..."

"... Before I say anything else, I just want to say that was the MOST FABULOLUS cake that I’ve had the pleasure to see in person! It was such a pleasure to meet you.
I would like to thank you for all of your assistance leading up to and during Jessica and Kinan’s wedding this past weekend. I appreciated all of your professionalism and communication throughout the planning. Thanks you so much for everything that you did to help make Mr. and Mrs. Rahal’s wedding a success."

"... Bonnie, it was worth every penny! Not only were both cakes incredibly creative and gorgeous--they were delicious. You and your team are amazing. I also had friends asking how far you deliver! I'll happily endorse ya'll anywhere, anytime."

"... When our son asked for a groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner AND the wedding, I thought "overkill!" But Bonnie and her team created two totally different cake sculptures that were incredibly amazing--and fun! Best of all, they both tasted wonderful. I lost count of the number of accolades you got from all sides. You and your team are amazing and we thank you with joy!"

"... Thank you for your beautiful work you did for the Nephron Grand Opening cake! It was a hit! When the caterers started cutting into it I heard guest saying " Oh my goodness, I had no idea that was a cake!" People thought it was an architectural rendering."

"... The cake was amazing!!! Can't thank you enough! You and your team did such a fabulous job!! Everyone was impressed- and the cake was delicious!! My husband said this has been the best looking and tasting cake!!! We think you should be on the food network!!! By the way- should of left a deck of business cards bc everyone wanted your info ;)"

My daughter was mesmerized and in awe of her cake!! Mission accomplished- you exceeded my expectations. Look forward to continuing business with you!!!"

"... My oh my, how that cake went fast!!! :) Everyone raved over how beautiful & well made they were & also how delicious it was!!! :) I ran out of cards to give out, so I wrote my own with your information! I couldn't have asked for a more talented artist to create our cakes. You have a true, God given gift for this. I look forward to bringing you more business in the future!!! Thank you so much!!!"

"... Thanks to you Bonnie. The cake was such a resounding success and was all the rave at the celebration!!! Everyone loved it and could not stop talking about it. Thanks tremendously again. You are definitely the designer of choice for the family at future celebrations we have at her parent's house. Thanks for making it extra special!!!"

"... Ms. Bonnie was absolutely fabulous! From the time I met her for my consultation, she was inviting and professional. I gave her two pictures of the cakes I liked and she sketched a design of my wedding cake in 10 minutes flat. The day of my wedding she was the first vendor to arrive and the cake was delicious and beautiful. If you want a professional cake lady she is it, hands down!! Thanks again Bonnie Brunt Cakes!!!"

"... Thank you so much, as usual your cakes never disappoint! Not only did it look amazing, it was moist and taste as good as it look. The graduate was very happy."

"... just wanted to let you know that Bryson's birthday cake tasted as wonderful as it looked! It was the center of attention (next to Bryson of course - haha!)."

"... He absolutely loved it! He said it was the best red velvet he has ever eaten. Thank you."

"... Bonnie and her staff went over and beyond our Expectations for the baby shower cake!!! From the moment I called her she was pleasant and willing to assist! Everyone Loved the design of the cake!!! I didn't want them to cut it .lol.we actually saved the belly portion lol..I want to thank you, and you will be hearing from me again."

"... Just want to tell you that the cake was amazing. That’s all I can say. It was breathtaking. People seriously were mesmerized. No kidding. Just stared in awe. Mike even asked one girl was she ok and she said she just couldn’t get over the cake!!! Hated to cut it b/c it was stunning. You are the best. People raved over it and at one point one lady said she had 3 pieces. Have never seen people eat cake so much. Did have a little to bring home but thrilled to have gotten the kitchen cake. You are such a pleasure to work with ..."

"... Thanks for the gorgeous wedding cake. It was absolutely perfect!"

"... Thank you so much for everything. The cake was spectacular and the talk of the shower. I have been meaning to email you to tell you how great it was. If you receive an order from everyone who asked me 'who made that cake' you will be busy for a long time."

"... The cake was simply gorgeous! We couldn't have been more pleased. You blew us and all of our guests away! And it was delicious also! Thank you SO much!"

"... I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the fantastic cakes. They both were a huge hit. Absolutely beautiful and insanely delicious! First, it was the briefcase cake for my sister’s college graduation party in May. Then the second time, it was for my mother's 60th birthday party in September. Everyone loved the cakes! I plan to contact Ms. Bonnie in the future for another one of those great cakes."

"... Her cake was beautiful and delicious!!
Everyone enjoyed it!!! She will be getting more business in two weeks!!"

"... I just want to say that Bonnie Bunts cakes ROCK! The cowboy cake she made was beautiful and delicious . will not order from anyone else!"

"... so, anything that still tastes amazing after a year in the freezer deserves an A++ rating and definite recognition. Thank You Bonnie Brady Brunt for our delicious wedding cake. It really still tasted great, lol!!!"

"...The cake was absolutely beautiful & yummy. It met Madeline as well as my expectations. We had so many positive comments on the cake, too many to count. I heard several times that it was too pretty to cut. It was truly a masterpiece and spot-on! I am attaching a pic that the DJ's staff took of the cake for you to see in the ambient light. Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you so much for helping make my daughter’s wedding a success and adding to the beauty."

"...I'm just getting back to the office and I wanted to email you about the cake. Where do I start?? Well it was nothing short of great!! She was blown away. As I passed through the Hotel to get it in the room for set up, people would stop and ask to have a picture of the cake. My family enjoyed it immensely, as we have only a few slices left. I think I can make them go away today at lunch :-). My daughter didn't see the cake until the dinner and she could not believe it. The shoe was the perfect topper. Thank you so much for your hard work. Also thank you for putting up with me. You really made a great day that much more special."

"...the word 'enjoyed' doesn't even come close. Her friends could not get over it. The cake was delicious, the fondant was good too! We had the best time, but it was your vision for her cake that made it so very special and a birthday that she will never forget and that was my goal. She cried too when she first saw it....I will never forget that!!! Thank you so much! I look forward to using your services again in the near future!"

"...Miss. Bonnie, From the bottom of my heart I just want to say thank you for everything you did for the shower. The cake was absolutely AMAZING. I had compliment after compliment. It wasnt only beautiful but also delicious. I passed out every bussiness card you gave me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!"

I have to tell you, some times you meet people and they just warm your heart, and you did that for me. Thank you for being such a humble, sweet..TALENTED person!!! You made my shower a success!!! The shower was AMAZING, and the cake was definently the CHERRY ON TOP!!!"

I wish you the BEST with your career, and you will be hearing from us soon regarding a wedding consultation...THANK YOU!!!"

Brittany "Blue, brown, white sleeping baby baby shower cake" :-)"

"...THANK YOU! The groom's cake you did for Cally with the bride and groom and their dog in the boat was the hit of the rehearsal party. EVERYBODY just loved it, especially Cally and Dave. And I LOVE your grandmother's caramel cake recipe! Delicious."

The wedding cake was stunning. Normally, the cake is just not the center of my attention at a wedding, but this one was beautiful, delicious, and perfect. We all loved it. I was so pleased that it was really featured by being the only food in the room, so everyone could enjoy it. We just could not have asked for more. Thank you!"

"...You knocked it out of the park!!! It was amazing and I had a ton of compliments on the cake. If you ever need a recommendation it would be wise to put me at the top of the list. Thank you for doing such a great job."

"...Thank you so much.... Both cakes were amazing.
I'm so impressed with the wedding cake. It was truly so beautiful.
Thank you."

"...Bonnie! Matthew's cake was absolutely perfect for his graduation and tasted out of this world! Your cakes are always so moist. I don't know how you do it but you always follow my ideas to the perfect t! You know and understand what I am trying to describe to you and that means so much! So many times, people tell you they understand and then you get something you didn't order. Keep up the great work! Now if I can convince my family to order me a cake!!!"

"...Hi Mrs.Bonnie just wanted to let you know the cake was GREAT!! WORTH EVERY PENNY;-) I gave a few people your number hope your clientele builds tremendously! Thanx alot it was great to meet you n do business with you:-)"

"...the cake was wonderful... everyone talked about it when they came over and over again... josh loved his cupcake so much he wanted to save it... the minis went tooooo fast.... the kids ate them up...should have ordered more... the cake was the best so.... everyone had a piece or two and my husband and i were really sad because they didn't leave us any to take home!.....we will definitely be getting another one for our next event!it was the best cake we have ever had at the banquet!"

"...Just wanted to say thank you, our cake was amazing! Everyone was saying how great it tasted, and Andy & I both think it turned out better than the picture from Martha Stewart Weddings! Thanks so much!."

"...I can't tell you how many people wanted to know who had made the cake. It was just perfect & was delicious. I heard several people say that they wished they had known that there were different flavors... they wouldn't have gotten such a big piece of one flavor so they could have tasted them all."

"...You did an awesome job & I really appreciate all of your hard work've got a wonderful talent!"

"...Thanks for the delivery because I would have probably had it in 40 pieces in my car if I'd of had to come get it. There probably just wouldn't have been a groom's cake."

"...Bonnie, the cake was amazing!!!!!! Thank you a million times over."

"...I bought a cake for the rehearsal supper with a crappie fish on it coming out of the water for the groom as well as a 4 tier wedding cake. Both cakes were delivered and were gorgeous and delicious. All layers of the cakes were different flavors including strawberry, chocolate, key lime and buttercream. Each layer was iced individually with filling in the middle and then covered with fondent. The fondent was the best I have ever had - thin and very sweet. The cakes stayed moist for over 2 weeks. I would recommend her to anyone."

"...Mrs Bonnie, THANK YOU! The boys cake was beautiful, everyone LOVED it, and it was the best tasting birthday cake I ever had! You're AMAZING!"

"...Those cupcakes were the cutest things EVER! I cannot thank you enough for the obvious effort that you put into them. They were too cute for words..."

"...Hey Bonnie!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for the awesome cheesecake you made for Paige's birthday!!!! It was soooooo good!!!! We all loved it!!!!!" Tammy"

"...The cake was perfect ! I could not have imagined a more beautiful cake than what I got !! Everyone loved it and were calling my sister the next day seeing if there was any leftovers !! You did such an amazing cake and are such an amazing person !! You don't know how much I appreciate you !! Thanks for everything ! Morgan"

"...Mrs Bonnie...our wedding cake was everything I imagined it would be and more!!! You are amazing and the details were perfect!!! Thank you for making it so beautiful and delicious!!!!!!..."

"...Just wanted to say one more time what an outstanding job that you did with the wedding cake as well as the cupcakes. Not only did they look awesome but they were absolutely delicious. So many wonderful compliments made about your cake and cupcakes. You are very talented and extremely detailed, love that. ... enjoyed meeting you, and I definitely will be promoting your talents to others...bravo, bravo, bravo...thanks for being a part of a great reception..."

"...Freaking awesome! My recommendation is that you set your goals've succeeded in meeting your aspirations as both a terrific baker and fabulous decorator. .... really loved the cake...even with a bite missing (just kidding). ...They took several photos before we could make the first careful incision. Not only did it look delicious, but it tasted delicious."

"...the most amazing and wonderful and delicious and beautiful and awesome cake ever!!!! made by the most wonderful cake maker on the planet!!!! It was YUMMY key lime!!"

"...Mrs Bonnie, my cake was sooooooooo amazing! And I was so excited to find out it was key lime! YUM! Thank you so much for making it look and taste soooo amazing! You are so talented! Looking forward to seeing what you do for my wedding cake!"

"...Ms. Bonnie! This is breathe-taking! I absolutely love, Love, LOVE it!"

"...that cake is AWESOME!!!! so pretty! i'm going to have a hard time cutting into it! i cannot wait for everyone else to see it tonight!! thank you, thank you!"

"...Bonnie....the chocolate cupcakes we absolutely wonderful!!! Everyone LOVED them. I have to find an occasion to try the key lime flavor next! :)"

"...Just so ya know, the cake was delicious!! Thanks so much for letting us taste it and then take it home to enjoy for a couple more days :) Looking forward to the big day."

Bonnie, your sweet potato cake was fabulous and beautiful! Thanks so much, everyone raved about how good and moist it was. Our server and the manager of the restaurant even asked to try it because it looked so delicious. What a compliment! You're the Best!"

"...her cakes are SO good. Still eating some red velvet from Christmas! So YUMMY! Your Caramel Cake was amazing! My entire family engulfed it! Thanks so much!"

"...The cake!! Thank you Mrs. Bonnie!! It tasted as good as it looked!"